Joffre Lakes - September 2012

Joffre Lakes is a classic, I tend to go there every year. This was my third venture up (a couple of keepers from previous trips are shown in this gallery as well), and this time, we brought our friends Ryan and Becky for their first overnight hike. Starting from the Duffy, the hike begins at a decent elevation, and along the way you pass 3 different glacial lakes, each one seemingly more blue than the previous. The second lake has some great fishing as well, and everyone was able to snag a pretty rainbow. Taking our good friends out into the backcountry for their first time, we didn't want to disappoint, so dinner consisted of orzo cooked with fresh basil and parmesan along with hot italian sausages and red wine, followed by chocolate for dessert. At night, Ryan and I did some light painting photography, and I snapped a star trail (can be seen on my gallery page). The next day we walked up to a nice rock for breakfast before making the mellow stroll down, finishing with a delicious burger and beer at the Pony in Pemberton before getting back to Whistler. [gallery link="file"]