Ring Lake - October 2012

Ring Lake was on my radar the whole summer. I had read about it and really wanted to experience one of the less-traveled overnight hikes in the corridor. Nestled in the Callaghan Valley, Conflict Lake and Ring Lake lie in a completely different environment than many of the surrounding trails.Starting from Callaghan Lake, we started our excursion around 1pm. A brisk 5km in, we came across the Callaghan Lodge, which perked my interest as a possible winter splitboarding destination. Shortly after, we rolled into a beautiful meadow with winding creeks, which soon led to a very steep ascent. Once we broke through the treeline, we were greeted with a Lord of the Rings -esque scene, passing a short rocky field before finding Ring Lake, nestled between Ring Mountain and Callaghan Mountain.  Finding ourselves in complete solitude, we settled in for a beautiful evening.[gallery link="file"]